Monday, March 5, 2007

Suggestion one thing -29

I'm working with Robin to create a list of lessons for Phase Two. You didnt' think you were really done did you? :) Somethings we're thinking about: virtual communities, advanced Flickr, advanced taggin or any of the ideas listed below!

Final Thoughts - lesson 28

Some lessons have definitely been more interesting and/or fun than others. Given how much we're trying to learn and how busy the staff is there often isn't time to deeply explore many of the lessons. We were able to lay a basic foundation for knowledge and learning about each of the areas we touched on and participants will have their blog and the LL2 blog to refer back to if they want to further explore any area. Reading and commenting on the other participants blogs has been a great learning experience and a lot of fun. I'll definitely continue to do so and I'll still be posting here about Web 2.0, Learning 2.0, and Library 2.0 items I come across!

ebooks - lesson 27

Creating my account in NetLibrary was easy, as was locating the books I was looking for. I searched for books on Photoshop and digital photography, separately. I know there always seems to be some talk about "real" books going away and everything being digital. I think it's highly unlikely unless the digital book readers are designed to look and feel more like a "real" book. There is something basically comforting about holding a book in your hands that you're not going to get from reading it a cold machine. That said, digital books make a great supplement to the libraries collection. Books that you wouldn't read from cover to cover (reference type) can easily be accessed at home to learn how to do that Photoshop edit without going into the library and checking out the book. How convenient!

Podcasting #26

This maybe my least favorite of all the lessons. I "get" podcasting, I just can't get into listening to them. I like audio books so I don't think it's the format, maybe the content? I know of several knitting podcasts that are really popular (Cast On, Lime & Violet) and I've tried to listen to them, but just can't get into them. Maybe a different subject? If you've got a suggestion I'd love to hear it!

That said, I do see the usefulness of them. Essentially with very little money invested anyone can publish their podcast about anything they like. Many of the same advantages blogs have.